About Secondshiftathlete

Hi, we’re Colleen and Amy. We started Second-Shift Athlete to celebrate and motivate friends (and friendly strangers!) who hold down full-time jobs and rad social lives, yet still manage to reach impressive fitness goals in their limited free time. We want to be your inspiration to wake up and train, your resource for finding the best workout gear, a community to share your best practices/worst gripes, and your link to the fitness blogosphere.

What We Are:
We’re here to help you stop saying things like “Oh, I only swim sometimes, and I’m not that great,” or “Sure, I ran three marathons, but I’m not fast or anything.” We want you to stand tall and proud, to own your accomplishments, to look great doing it, and  start basking in all your Second-Shift Athlete glory.

What We’re Not:
This isn’t the place to find out how to drop 15 pounds in 15 minutes or to get the perfect anything. We’re not perfect. We’re also not doctors or personal trainers, professional athletes, or paragons of virtue. But that’s the point.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and our awesome logo was designed by Hanna Seabrook of Gadabout Creative!